Why a New Zealand literature Wiki?

Like the literature of any country, New Zealand literature has its own quirks that make it fascinating, rich and sometimes confusing. This wiki is here to provide information to help people from all over the world (as well as New Zealanders) to enjoy our literature on more levels. Whether you want to know more about the woman who wrote that amazing book you just read, are curious about beach imagery in our short stories or have no idea what a Sundowner is, hopefully you can find the answers here.

Obviously we're in the very early stages at the moment, so feel free to jump in and start creating, editing or requesting pages.

My vision for the wiki is to create a learning tool for classrooms and interested readers. I'd love to have as many people as possible involved, especially high school students, academics and members of the New Zealand literary world.

Feel free to visit the Home page, search for your favourite Poets or check out the Community Corner to see what's happening around the wiki.

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